About us

Passion, it is with this strength that we achieve the most beautiful things.

Hello ! My name is Christophe Castella. As far as I remember, I have always built models. When I was 10 years old, some friends from my neighborhood introduced me to the world of Warhammer and of course to the painting that goes with it. After several tournaments, I gave up the strategic competition. On the other hand, I systematically got prizes for painting. I continued to practice painting and bought a lot of new paint pots.

When school was over and the first job started, I realized after 5 years that I couldn't keep on like this, without passion. So I decided at the age of 27 to start studying again and to become a mechanical engineer specialized in plastics processing. The knowledge acquired allowed me to found Swiss Manufactorum and thus to link my passion for model making and knowledge in plastics processing.


Simple but effective is my motto !


My name is Bruno Freitas. When I finished my studies, it was difficult to find a field in which to work, all seemed interesting. Nevertheless, as I was passionate about cars, I started working as a car mechanic. I soon noticed that I had excellent manual skills and these have developed further over time. With more than 10 years of experience as a mechanic in an independent garage, the limited material resources of the garage led me to develop an incredible versatility in my tasks. I have developed an ability to quickly find solutions and build specific tools for different situations.

I am currently working in the car repair industry. This new field brings an additional dimension with customer contact which I appreciate for its variety while leaving full scope for my versatility.

Personally, I am interested in mechanical design and new technologies. Thanks to 3D printers, the creations are endless! However, I am aware that most people cannot or do not want to buy machines, so I can be the link between your ideas and their realisation...