Welcome to Swiss Manufactorum !

Below, the two divisions of the company :

The model making division focuses on model making, painting and the creation of tools for this creative hobby.

The prototyping division is aimed at companies wishing to develop ideas, develop prototypes and even create them for their needs (ergonomics tests, meetings, presentations).

You are painting miniatures !

You need a lesson to paint a miniature ? or do you need a painting service ?

You are at the right place.

With more than 20 years of experience, the Swiss Manufactorum studio puts its knowledge at the service of hobbyists by creating tools to improve comfort, organisation and time saving.

Model Making

You have an idea !

With our experience in project management, we will bring your project to life together.

Starting from your idea, our knowledge allows us to model a virtual prototype using CAD, then to make it real with 3D printing technologies (FDM or SLA), and finally to take special care of its appearance and even paint it as you would have imagined!